Dairy-free: What I eat in a day

Here is another dairy-free what I eat in a day! Breakfast For breakfast I had a bagel with Pure dairy-free spread and a glass of orange juice. Lunch For lunch I had two slices of wholemeal toast and scrambled egg. To make the scrambled egg I used Oatly and Pure dairy-free spread. I also tried… Continue reading Dairy-free: What I eat in a day

Dairy-free what I eat in a day

This is another what I eat in a day. It is actually from a while ago but I have been unable to post it until now. Breakfast For breakfast I tried to re-create a breakfast I regularly had while on holiday in Germany. It used quark though, which is obviously dairy so I tried replacing… Continue reading Dairy-free what I eat in a day


While these aren’t traditional s’mores, they are pretty close and are a nice, quick dairy-free dessert. Just make sure to use dairy-free digestive biscuits! I used Tesco Everyday Value, which are dairy free. Serves: 4 s’mores Ingredients 4 dairy-free digestive biscuits 8 marshmallows 4 squares dark, dairy-free chocolate (I used Lindt 70% cocoa dark chocolate)… Continue reading S’mores